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In Canadian fantasy, I look to Charles de Lint and Guy Gavriel Kay as “the big two”, both producing an immense amount of often beautiful and highly influential work in decidedly different modes. Charles de Lint takes the low fantasy route: faerie in Ottawa, urban fantasy, magic realism, concerned with relatively small-scale events and individual characters.  Guy Gavriel Kay is decidedly “high fantasy”: expansive narratives steeped in myth, language, history, often using archetypal figures, a cast of thousands, and sometimes using grandiose language to convey a very large story.  I don’t prefer either mode, both authors are just fabulous by me.  However, I’ve read more Kay, and a recent read of The Fionavar Tapestry and its semi-sequel Ysabel has put me in a talking-about-Guy-Gavriel-Kay mood.  So, let’s talk about Guy Gavriel Kay, shall we?


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