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The more I look at it, the less I’m pleased by my map of Prydain.  There are a few errors, and at least one egregious misspelling.  After a discussion with Marie (the podcast, remember?), I decided to have another go at it.

I haven’t attempted a “realistic” map, this time; it doesn’t seem appropriate for Prydain, and working out an accurate scale would take much more time than I’m willing to commit.  I’ve used the Gough Map of the British Isles as my basis for style and geography.  I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before, as the Gough Map’s representation of Wales fits much closer to the geography as described in The Chronicles of Prydain than any modern map.  And, of course, I went back to the books to get a better grasp on the relative locations of key places in Prydain.

Thanks to Marie for help with this new map.  I drew it the same day as we recorded the podcast.

(Click to embiggen)

This should mark the end of my Prydain output on this blog, but, well, you never know…

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Not *my* photo, for reasons revealed in the podcast, but these *are* the editions that I own.

What?  Another podcast, you say?

This time Marie and I talk about one of our favourite book series from the Newbery Era, Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles of Prydain.

Apologies for the audio quality.  My current laptop has less-than-ideal speakers, so Marie has been recording the podcasts on her end, then sending the files to me for editing.

Download the Podcast

Marie’s Youtube Channel

Source of our Theme Song (“It’s Dragon Tales” by Butterfly Tea)

Bonus Material

Our 21-second “review” of Disney’s The Black Cauldron:

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