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First things first, updates will be a bit slow on this blog since I’m currently working on a Masters Degree in History at McGill University in Montreal. Life has been hectic and the move from one side of Canada to the other has been less than smooth. Side-projects like this blog tend to fall to the wayside when you’re in the process of settling into a new city, reading a boatload of academic texts when you get there, and writing papers at an alarmingly early point in the school year.

Case in point, I meant to write this post while I was still visiting my sister in Edmonton (my midway point between Whitehorse and Montreal). While I was there I read Ursula K. Le Guin’s Tehanu, “the last book of Earthsea”—two more books were to follow, but Le Guin didn’t know that at the time. This one came a good many years after the initial Earthsea trilogy, and until now, I didn’t recommend it to others. That is, I distinctly remember not liking it as a teenager after reading the first three, to the point where I didn’t finish it.


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