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Questions Answered

I was tagged by Fraser Sherman to answer some questions, so without further ado:

1)Name a book it surprised you that you liked.

We read Little Women in one of my undergrad university courses on American Literature. It was not a good class. But I did find myself growing invested in the lives of the March sisters, which is not something I thought would ever happen based on my sole experience with the novel previously consisting of “this is a book my sister liked in high school.” The ending, however, made me angry—which seems to have been Louisa May Alcott’s intent.

 2)What food do you hate most?

There’s a Polish soup with sliced up beef stomach as its primary ingredient.

It’s disgusting.

3)A TV show you never miss.

Currently, Agent Carter. This is actually not as easy a question to answer these days when our primary way of consuming TV is fast becoming to stream the entire series in as short a time as possible. But with shows that do come out weekly, I couldn’t wait for new episodes of: The Last KingdomOrphan Black, The Expanse and Game of Thrones.

4)What super-power would you most like to have?

Acute clairvoyance would be very useful.

5)The fictional character you’d most like to meet.

I think Orm the Red from The Long Ships would be a fun drinking partner.

6)The fictional character you’d most like to be (at least for a while).

Fflweddur Fflam has a more pleasant life than most. I like going for characters who presumably live a natural lifespan for a question like this.

7)Your favorite mythological character.

This is more difficult. I’m not sure if Gilgamesh is all that likable, so I’d have to go with Enkidu. He’s a beast.

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After suffering through TSR’s gamebooks, we decide to try one that’s actually goodRing of Thieves by S. John Ross.

Dice will be rolled! Blood will spilled! Genies will be petulant!

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Risus: The Anything RPG

Incidental Music: Danse Macabre – Big Hit 1 Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Don’t get too excited: We don’t see meet either of these creatures.

The Dungeoneering Edition™ of the podcast continues with Light on Quests Mountain.

(We’re sorry. We’re so, so sorry.)

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Larry Elmore’s gonna getcha!

I found a stack of TSR Endless Quest Books at the dump. After that, this podcast was inevitable.

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Theme song:
Five Armies by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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i.e, “This is why I don’t (usually) write fanfiction”, part 2. Also, there be spoilers for the book.

In which my mind drifts while reading Station Eleven.

With apologies to Emily St. John Mandel.

Kirsten found it difficult to concentrate on memorizing her lines with all the noise from the flatbed’s engine, the constant smell of burning gazzoline, not to mention the jostling as the theatre troupe made its way down the cracked and folded asphalt. Her battered Dover Editions paperback of King Lear was bound to make her carsick, but there was no time to brush up on her acting between towns otherwise; you couldn’t stop, not with the roving bands of ne’er-do-wells drawn towards the highways. The flatbed was a stage, a storage place for costumes and instruments, and a moving fortress.


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I have a feeling every long-time fantasy reader has one. Usually, it’s the high school magnum opus epic fantasy novel with dragons and wish fulfillment. Sometimes, the urge to write a book comes earlier. In my case, it came when I was twelve. I still have the old notebook somewhere containing 250 pages of pencil scribbles and drawings of landscapes and swords. The only oddity was that I wrote a historical novel. “Historical” in the loosest sense, of course; I didn’t even have access to the internet at the time and the closest thing at hand was a set of out-of-date encyclopaedias from the 1970s. Oh, and what I gleaned from the terrible historical novels I binged on, which seemed to use the same source.


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A Response

In response to recent assertions by certain authors and critics that including warrior women, or indeed strong female characters at all, in fantasy fiction is “anti-civilizational” and will somehow lead to the destruction of the western world, I only have this to say:

…For I would hurl your cities down
And I would break your shrines
And give the site of every town
To thistles and to vines.

Higher the walls of Nineveh
And prouder Babel’s spires-
I bellowed from the desert way-
They crumbled in my fires.

For all the works of cultured man
Must fare and fade and fall
I am the Dark Barbarian
That towers over all.

-From “A Word from the Outer Dark”, by Robert E. Howard

Now excuse me while I go sharpen my axe. And prepare my pen. I’ve got a civilization to destroy.

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Classics Illustrated-02

Enthusiastic Audiobooks strikes again, this time demonstrating that Ivanhoe (1820) by Sir Walter Scott does not lend itself well to reading out loud.  But by St. Dunstan, we try our hardest, and in the most obstreperous way we can!

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Enthusiastic Audiobooks: Black Beauty

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An exciting new offering from One Last Sketch!

Tired of boring audiobook readings lacking the requisite enthusiasm for the work in question? Then look no further, for we now are now offering audiobooks read in ways guaranteed to continually capture your attention. Below is a small sampling of what is sure to be a highly successful enterprise: the first chapter of Black Beauty, as you’ve never heard it before.

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Black Beauty on Project Gutenberg

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