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i.e, “This is why I don’t (usually) write fanfiction”, part 2. Also, there be spoilers for the book.

In which my mind drifts while reading Station Eleven.

With apologies to Emily St. John Mandel.

Kirsten found it difficult to concentrate on memorizing her lines with all the noise from the flatbed’s engine, the constant smell of burning gazzoline, not to mention the jostling as the theatre troupe made its way down the cracked and folded asphalt. Her battered Dover Editions paperback of King Lear was bound to make her carsick, but there was no time to brush up on her acting between towns otherwise; you couldn’t stop, not with the roving bands of ne’er-do-wells drawn towards the highways. The flatbed was a stage, a storage place for costumes and instruments, and a moving fortress.


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