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In which we speak of books we never finished, or wish we had never finished. Normally, I would provide a list of the novels we talked about. But this time, I think it’s better if you go in blind.

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Farewell to 2013

Another year come-and-gone. And an oddly segmented one at that, split between Montreal, Edmonton, and Whitehorse. For major life events, I sold another short story, I finished my Master’s degree in History at McGill University, I acted as best man at my best friends’ wedding, and I finally finished the book presently and finally known as The Sword’s Dominion. The summer term in Montreal was probably the most accomplished time in my life; I had moved to a new apartment much closer to the university and was studying a subject I loved while only a half an hour’s walk from the top of Mont Royal and less than an hour’s walk from the Old Port. I was, for once in my life, exactly where I wanted to be, but time passes and all good things must come to an end. So now I’m back in the Yukon, which has its own charms, and I’m at least back to writing fiction again. And, as you may have noticed, recording podcasts at a greater frequency since I’ve been listening to more and more of them. (more…)

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I was having one of my periodic crises, the kind faced by any graduate student in the arts, where I pause and scream, “Why am I doing this to myself?” Fortunately, during my latest crisis I finally got around to reading Caroline Walker Bynum’s 1997 presidential address to the American Historical Association, simply titled “Wonder.” It’s worth posting here, too, since I see some relevance to fantasy literature tucked away in Bynum’s discussion of medieval theories of wonder and their relationship to the present task of the historian.


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Farewell to 2012

The year draws to a close, ‘tis a time again for reflections. And of course, I’ll focus on writing and literature, because that’s how I roll.

This has been a rather bewildering year. I began it as a Legal Assistant and end it poised for my second term in the McGill History Master’s program. I enjoyed that term immensely, though I’m afraid it hasn’t benefitted you readers all that much because a) I haven’t been posting very often and b) my non-academic reading dropped off to nil. So the obvious thing to do during my winter break was to read for pleasure again and to get back to writing fiction.


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My Altar

As I have little to nothing to say today, here’s a picture of my bookshelf (click to embiggen):

You can tell a lot about a person from his or her bookshelf.  In my case, space is rather limited, and I have to cull my books often, so what’s left is almost pure, distilled me.

(Well, except for that copy of His Majesty’s Dragon hanging about, which I will dispose of shortly, and the Gormenghast trilogy, which I have so far proven unable to tackle due to falling asleep within the first ten pages).

I will note that I still have two boxes of books in Edmonton, while the majority of Polish books remain on another, smaller shelf.

And, as always, the bookshelf guardians remain on active duty:

I will not explain the book to the far left.

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