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Inktober 2019

I did Inktober this year. Noticeable improvements from the last time I did this in 2017: better use of volumes, more expressive and varied characters, more unusual and interesting compositions. Using just one sketchbook helped; my art supplies are better,my use of them more controlled.

Thumbnailing was important, as last time. Every day, I became a little more ambitious and had to try out sketch after sketch before hitting on the exact right feel. Each day, the drawing took longer to complete. I think that work shows in the final pieces.

Unlike last time, I feel have the technical skills for drawing a comic now. Maybe when the ideas start coming again.

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Inktober Postmortem

I took part in Inktober this year, a challenge created by artist Jay Parker. The premise is simple: 31 ink illustrations in 31 days, with an optional prompt list to provide some inspiration. The goal is to improve your inking skills.

I don’t know how much better I am at inking, but I did see subtle improvements in my art as the month wore on, gained a new appreciation for thumbnail sketches, and overall, had a lot of fun with the exercise.

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