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Following Robert E. Howard’s death in 1936, the Weird Tales crowd demanded more Sword and Sorcery (S&S), and this ushered in a host of Howard imitators who took Conan as their starting point. Henry Kuttner took up that mantle in 1938 and brought us Elak of Atlantis, an adventurer who would swashbuckle his way through three tales that year and return for one last outing in 1941. In the intervening year, he also published two Prince Raynor stories, sword and sorcery of a statelier sort. All these tales are collected in Elak of Atlantis, recently reprinted by Planet Stories.

While Howard may have spawned a subgenre, these early forays into post-Howard S&S tend to be more interesting than the boom of the sixties and seventies—perhaps because Lin Carter and John Jakes hadn’t infected the waters yet with their shallow and derivative works. Elak of Atlantis certainly is derivative, and yet Kuttner’s work is made interesting by his significant divergences rather than the similarities to Howard.


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