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Three for January

Three bits of art I made in January, two digital and one with ink. Posting because I thought these were better than anything I did all through 2019.

The last is a tribute to Cybersix, a character from an Argentinian comic that improbably became a Canadian-Japanese cartoon in 1999. The original comic, as far as I can tell, has never been translated into English or Japanese.

I also did a painting commission for Marie over at Shrink & Expand, which you can see here.

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The other thing I’ve been up to this month, in order:




All of these are abandoned paintings or sketches – two from over a year ago – that I finally went back to and finished.

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Battle Maiden


I had a lot of fun splashing in the background characters for this one. Made with MyPaint.

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One last painting

…before the year is over.


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When I bought a new laptop this year, the shiny HD screen lured me over to the world of digital art. I bought a Wacom Intuos tablet shortly afterwards and had a go at painting with a stylus. What’s really impressed me over the last few months have been the wealth of free and open source tools available for creative expression that are capable of some really impressive results. Not just for painting, either: Blender, InkscapeGIMP and LibreOffice are all catching up to their commercial counterparts, sport an appealing anarcho-punk approach to giving users complete control over their products, and are sometimes friendlier to use.

My tablet came with ArtRage Lite as the bundled software, but I found I didn’t get along with it. The heavy focus on reproducing the effects of physical media ran counter to what I wanted to do—take advantage of the freedom provided by the digital space to produce artwork that would be otherwise impossible or too time-consuming if I used the supplies in my “art box”. The user interface was also a major turnoff for me, performance issues proving the final straw. After some experimenting, I’ve settled on three painting programs for use with my tablet: MyPaint, Krita and FireAlpaca. (more…)

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