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So little of 2017 left, but just enough time to post our year in review! We discuss media we enjoyed this year, whether it was objectively good or not, including the University of Alberta murder-mystery-but-not-really-a-murder-mystery The Next Margaret, Haruki Murakami’s slow melancholy, Nausicaä  of the Valley of the Wind (again!), Roger Zelazny’s fiction, and more.

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Not this one. But I did own it!

The last podcast I recorded got me thinking about my nascent interest in game design when I was growing up.

It was an…odd hobby, especially because it was nigh impossible to find anyone who’d play my games with me (my sister actively avoided the, in retrospect, pretty unappealing task!) so I could improve them. But that didn’t stop me; I’d spend hours drawing game boards on cereal boxes, cutting out cards from scrapbook paper and gluing together game pieces from whatever materials I could find. There were worse things to do with your time. Like sniffing glue.

I loved picking up discarded board games from the thrift store, including The Awful Green Things from Outer Space…a game that had way too much influence on my early life for what it was. I guess I just naturally shifted to making my own. Few of those creations exist anymore. But here’s what I can recall:


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