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Screaming for Vengeance


In retrospect, this one was inevitable. Created with MyPaint 1.0.

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Random Ink

It appears I’m doing Inktober in January. The pen tools in MyPaint are really fun to use!

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She Reaches Forth


Since I lack any ideas for articles so far this month, here’s one…more…sketch.

Painted with FireAlpaca.

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Approaching Destiny


One way to begin the year. Very quickly created with MyPaint.

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Radiator Blues


Not a very comfortable position to relax in—she’ll feel that in the morning.

Drawn with FireAlpaca.

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Back to Sketching


My current mental state

I haven’t posted a sketch on this blog since 2011. That’s…a long time.

Meanwhile, the space between articles is growing ever larger. Truth is, I haven’t been writing much of anything lately, fiction or otherwise. What I have been doing, is drawing. That’s the exact opposite of the situation coming out of my undergrad, where I was devoting a lot of time to writing but didn’t spend much time at all on art. I have no concrete reason why the flip happened. Somewhere, drawing became relaxing again in a way writing isn’t; even typing these words now is proving inexplicably difficult.

Earlier this year I said I didn’t know if I’d be sharing any of my output. Well, I’ve bought a Wacom tablet since then, which makes uploading the results that much easier. I’m slowly getting a handle on digital illustration and painting, but what’s most revealing is the change of subject and style that came with switching from physical media. My sketchbooks are almost entirely drawn from references; on screen, I’ve been drawing entirely from my imagination. (more…)

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Re-learning Art

As you might have guessed from the title, this blog started as a place to showcase artwork. Specifically, I was planning to delete my Facebook account after graduating from the University of Alberta and wanted an online place friends could still follow my antics, as well as a better spot to upload all the stupid comics I drew over my last two years in Edmonton. Well, that’s not at all what happened—I stayed on Facebook and even fell to the lure of Twitter (though, to be frank, I still have no idea what to do with that account), while this site drifted further and further away from its initial purpose. I’ve posted plenty of articles on history and various books, but haven’t posted a sketch here for years. (more…)

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