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A Bookshelf Tour

And now for something a little different, I present a guided tour of my bookshelf:


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Further to the podcast on medieval medicine, Marie’s show Iatropexy has gone live on YouTube.  Below is the video referenced in said podcast:

You can listen to the extended (half-hour long) podcast drawn from this video here, should you wish to hear more of our lovely voices and haven’t listened to the podcast already.

If your thirst for medicine-related videos remains unsated, there are indeed further episodes of Iatropexy available at Marie’s YouTube channel.

Go!  Watch!  Now!

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Ha!  You thought I actually read R. Scott Bakker’s novel?

In fact, I’m posting the “prequel” to the The Duel detailing what led to that mighty clash of immortals!  As is fair, this one was cobbled together by the other participant, so it may be slightly biased in her favour:

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The Duel

In which swords are drawn but blood is most certainly not spilled.

EDIT: I also present, exclusive to this blog, a recut version.  Now in technicolour!

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Travels in Europe

2 months compressed into 10 minutes, complete with music:


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Magic Lantern Theatre

Watch the amazing parade of tasteful photographs, accompanied by music:

This was the result of a day of photography. Quite a fun day, I might add.

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