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Three for January

Three bits of art I made in January, two digital and one with ink. Posting because I thought these were better than anything I did all through 2019.

The last is a tribute to Cybersix, a character from an Argentinian comic that improbably became a Canadian-Japanese cartoon in 1999. The original comic, as far as I can tell, has never been translated into English or Japanese.

I also did a painting commission for Marie over at Shrink & Expand, which you can see here.

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Inktober 2019

I did Inktober this year. Noticeable improvements from the last time I did this in 2017: better use of volumes, more expressive and varied characters, more unusual and interesting compositions. Using just one sketchbook helped; my art supplies are better,my use of them more controlled.

Thumbnailing was important, as last time. Every day, I became a little more ambitious and had to try out sketch after sketch before hitting on the exact right feel. Each day, the drawing took longer to complete. I think that work shows in the final pieces.

Unlike last time, I feel have the technical skills for drawing a comic now. Maybe when the ideas start coming again.

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Ink and watercolour. Illustration from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki.

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A scene from “Wings in the Night” by Robert E. Howard.

WordPress.com makes it a bit of a pain to share artwork – it’s just not what this platform was built for. If you want to follow that side of my creative output, you can find me posting drawings and paintings much more frequently on DeviantArt, Instagram, and most recently, mastodon.art.

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Arctic ravens


I really enjoyed painting this one – mainly because of the ravens. They’re my favourite bird by far, and also the ones I see the most day-to-day. Process below the cut.


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Happy new year

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The Sky Roads


Despite all associated tribulations, airships will always be my first love.

Done with MyPaint.

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The other thing I’ve been up to this month, in order:




All of these are abandoned paintings or sketches – two from over a year ago – that I finally went back to and finished.

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The Scrapheap

I’ve been trying to release at least one blog post a month, but that’s proven an elusive goal in July. Two things conspired against me:

  • I’m building a cabin this summer, which takes up a lot of free time.
  • We’ve had a genuine heat wave this past month in the Yukon, which means I just haven’t been online all that much while I enjoy the outdoors.

So here’s a painting instead that captures my current mood:

The Scrapheap

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Conquest of the Marsh

Conquest of the Marsh

A man, his dog, and the wilderness.

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