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I am on record for not liking Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay’s first outing into medieval China. For that reason, it took me longer than usual to pick up River of Stars, which uses the same setting, albeit a few hundred years later. I shouldn’t have hesitated: River of Stars is a fine novel, carefully structured and hitting just the right emotional pitch in the last portions to keep me reading well past midnight.


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…at Black Gate.

My story, “Strange Things Done”, among them, in which the Klondike holds more than mere gold in its soil.

The anthology will see print in the spring of 2016.

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Well, it had a dragon on the cover.

Young Adult literature is a Thing now, but it wasn’t when Marie and I grew up! Join as as we talk about the books we read as teenagers and realize with dawning horror that we had terrible, terrible taste.

Warning folks, this one’s a long one.

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Marie’s blog

Blog post: Underground Reading – Dragonlance Chronicles

Source of our theme song

Book mentioned at length (in order):

Redwall series, Brian Jacques
Animorphs series, K.A, Applegate
The Sword of Shannarah, Terry Brooks
The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan
The Sword of Truth, Terry Goodkind
Everything by Mercedes Lackey
The Belgeriad, David Eddings
Forgotten Realms series, various authors
Dragonlance Chronicles, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Harry Potter series, JK Rowling

Tangentially, we mention MANY more.

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One of the advantages of having an ereader is that I can now easily get books from small presses that were difficult to get my paws on in print. I’ve therefore been on a bit of an anthology binge lately, tearing through three anthologies from three small presses, each of them an interesting collection of stories that show how valuable the sf small press scene really is.


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