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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries concluded this past Thursday, so naturally, Marie & I decided to babble about it.   How can two people who care not a whit for Jane Austen come to enjoy an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice so much?  Listen to find out!

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Three Years Gone

Today marks the third anniversary of One Last Sketch.*  This blog started out as an online archive for old comics I drew as an undergrad and the odd sketch or two, hence the title.  It was only when I finished up my BA and spent a few months out in the real world that I started writing articles here, simultaneously making my blog’s name almost entirely irrelevant.

I hadn’t realized how attached I’d grown to doing this until a random WordPress error not too long ago indicated that my blog was suspended for a Terms of Service violation, and I couldn’t access my content.  I haven’t even been posting that much lately due to other concerns, most of them having to do with being a Masters’s student and pumping out a hundred twenty-some pages of academic drivel over the past couple of months, but I felt a real moment of panic thinking that all my articles, and more importantly, all your comments and conversations had just spun out of existence.  Needless to say, I was immensely relieved when it turned out to all be a big mistake.

It’s been a great three years, folks.  I feel this blog has greatly improved since it began, and I hope to keep on improving and branching out with diverse media, art and writing projects here in the year to come.  I never would’ve imagined how personally rewarding blogging would be when I started out, and I’m really glad I hit that “start a new blog” button oh so long ago.

*Customarily called a “blogiversary”, but that’s an immensely silly word.

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I was having one of my periodic crises, the kind faced by any graduate student in the arts, where I pause and scream, “Why am I doing this to myself?” Fortunately, during my latest crisis I finally got around to reading Caroline Walker Bynum’s 1997 presidential address to the American Historical Association, simply titled “Wonder.” It’s worth posting here, too, since I see some relevance to fantasy literature tucked away in Bynum’s discussion of medieval theories of wonder and their relationship to the present task of the historian.


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