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Really, what else could you do in this situation?


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Blackbeard’s Demise

Maynard just nailed another guy’s head to the bowsprit and glued some black string on its face. Nobody noticed.

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Blackbeard’s Dilemma

Blackbeard the fat demands more pies!

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And, uh, you look pretty nifty in them, too!

Note to Steampunk authors: if there’s no practical use for goggles in your story…leave them out.

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An Unemployed Ogre

Based on the recent decision of a Yukon First Nations group to ban Social Workers from their treaty lands because they were snatching far too many children.

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The idea for shoggoths actually emerged from that one time Lovecraft had English pudding. Come to think of it, I would have been terrified as well.

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Three Frivolities

I’ve decided to add some quick comics for the Thanksgiving weekend. Does not include the “Comrade Stalin says eat more Custard Pies” poster.

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