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Charcoal Sketch

“She’s looking at you, I swear!”

Vine charcoal sketch on soft paper.  Ewa Wiśniewska is a Polish actress who was quite the looker in her younger days.  I believe it took two hours to complete this.


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The Esoteric Order of Dagon

It’s beginning to look a lot like fish-men.

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I’m not sure if the entire universe could even handle the Awesome that is Beowulvarine.

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TV These Days

…drawn after seeing the first episode.  I’m still following this show, so I suppose the formula worked.

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A Shocking Revelation…

Rule 34, in Retrospect

First post, so I suppose I shall introduce myself, and explain the above.  I’m a university student currently completing my undergrad in History, and also (finally) an author.  “The Lurking Humour” is an irregular comic I draw on cheap sheets of yellow paper with a technical pen.  Some people seem to find it amusing, so, slowly but surely, I will post what I’ve done, as well as other art projects.

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