You can now pre-order Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction from the links below, for release in May. The anthology contains my story “Strange Things Done”, a science fiction secret history set during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Questions Answered

I was tagged by Fraser Sherman to answer some questions, so without further ado:

1)Name a book it surprised you that you liked.

We read Little Women in one of my undergrad university courses on American Literature. It was not a good class. But I did find myself growing invested in the lives of the March sisters, which is not something I thought would ever happen based on my sole experience with the novel previously consisting of “this is a book my sister liked in high school.” The ending, however, made me angry—which seems to have been Louisa May Alcott’s intent.

 2)What food do you hate most?

There’s a Polish soup with sliced up beef stomach as its primary ingredient.

It’s disgusting.

3)A TV show you never miss.

Currently, Agent Carter. This is actually not as easy a question to answer these days when our primary way of consuming TV is fast becoming to stream the entire series in as short a time as possible. But with shows that do come out weekly, I couldn’t wait for new episodes of: The Last KingdomOrphan Black, The Expanse and Game of Thrones.

4)What super-power would you most like to have?

Acute clairvoyance would be very useful.

5)The fictional character you’d most like to meet.

I think Orm the Red from The Long Ships would be a fun drinking partner.

6)The fictional character you’d most like to be (at least for a while).

Fflweddur Fflam has a more pleasant life than most. I like going for characters who presumably live a natural lifespan for a question like this.

7)Your favorite mythological character.

This is more difficult. I’m not sure if Gilgamesh is all that likable, so I’d have to go with Enkidu. He’s a beast.


Let’s review a vampire novel! Albeit a slightly unusual one.

From my Cold, Undead Hand (or, Chevonne Kusnetsov vs. the Sharp Teeth Krew) has vampires prowling near-future New York, infiltrating all levels of society in a well-worn vampire conspiracy. Chevonne Kusnetsov and a cell of clandestine resistance fighters are out to stop them by any means. Continue Reading »

My short story “The Dragons of Kraków” was published today on Pornokitsch.

What’s the story about? Well, it’s in the title.

Farewell to 2015


Winter solstice has passed by, marking a truly long and black night in the Yukon, allayed a by a glorious display of the northern lights a few days prior. Yes, it’s winter, it’s cold, and it’s snowing, which means there’s not much to do as December comes to a close other than reflect on the year that was. Continue Reading »


Go forth and read.

Tide of Shadows and Other Stories is a slim collection, just five stories in all, and all but one unpublished until now. For such a modest ebook release, it got a lot of attention in the corner of the internet I dwell in: for many years Aidan Moher ran the Hugo award-winning blog A Dribble of Ink. The substantial network of authors, podcasters, reviewers and bloggers he built there gave this self-publishing venture a boost few others could dream of on a debut short story collection. I picked up a copy when the author temporarily released it free to all, which makes me a latecomer to the initial review-and-podcast push.

Continue Reading »


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